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Atari & Related

3/22/08: Ok uploaded a bunch of pics...

01/13/2007: Haven't updated in a long time, I'll be adding a bunch of new pics of my "Promotional Use Only" Atari 2600 Console I picked up last summer. The price was right: FREE! The thing looks like it's never been played, the paddles and joysticks are still tight!

12/17/2004: Updated: Well since I never played it all that much, since the emulation of it is on all of my computers, the 2600 and all related software is GONE! (I ebayed it since the timing was right and ended up with about 400 bucks for the lot) I still have the 5200 and everything else though. In other news, the latest waste of money has come out through Atari. The wonderful (heavy sarcasm) "Flashback" console contains a whopping 15 Atari 2600 games with an additional 5 Atari 7800 games. With a sticker price of about 50 bucks, I am amazed to think anyone would waste a nickel on this hunk of crap. Utilizing the "nintendo on a chip" technology, the Flashback doesn't even portray the games in their true format, although it's really only noticeable on the 7800 games, and by more discerning collectors. Of further disappontment, there is no expansion on this unit, which means the 20 games you got are all you're gonna get. I have to wonder why they just didn't put this into a controller set, rather than bother with the illusion of a console. OR, why didn't they package all of the original release 2600 games in it? at anywhere from 2-5k each, I'm sure space is not an issue. All in all just a not so well thought out piece which I will not add to my collection. A potentially less biased, but still negative leaning review has been posted on Their interpretation is that for the casual gamer, it's probably ok, the ones who want to relive the "glory days" but will file the box in the closet come 12/31. For the collector, it's a definite thumbs down. But read away and judge for yourself.

First update in almost a year!!! Nothing new, just a few new pictures, I really have to dig this stuff out, hook it up and plat again, but of course I have no time...anyway here's 2 pics of my 2600, and 5200 stuff

By the way, if anyone is looking for a copy of Stella gets a new brain, or Stella at 20 (Vol 1)from the Cyberpunks (now out of print) email me, and I will try to get you a copy. This material is copyrighted, but I'm not out to make a profit, rather since they're not in production anymore, I will give copies away for those in need. If anyone has Stella At 20 Vol 2, I would be interested in obtaining a copy of it as well, let me know.

June 11, 2003: Wikked Garage sale find! Alright maybe not too wicked, but not bad. Nothing too rare, just picked up 24 Atari 2600 games, some with instructions, plus 2 joysticks for 2 bucks. Here's the List:
Asteroids (my 5th copy)
DigDug (2nd Copy)
Dodge 'Em
Mario Brothers (2nd Copy)
Math Grand Prix
Night Driver
Pole Position
Space Invaders
Video Checkers
Yars Revenge

Pitfall (3rd Copy)
River Raid
River Raid II

20th Century Fox

Parker Bros.

Oh yeah, a standard 2600 Joystick, a Wico SuperStic, an extra power supply, and some Nintendo cables that look a little like USB wires, I assume are some sort of link wires for Game Boy, or something of that nature

I found a Sears Tele-Games Pong Sports IV system, fully working, all parts included at a garage sale for $3! Here's a couple of pictures, using my lousy webcam. I really need to get a better camera, anyone care to donate to RedWolfJC's digital camera fund???(Update: Tele-Games Pong SOLD and I have a digital camera)

The only flaw with this pong is it's missing the battery cover, and the battery contacts are nonexistant, but it runs fine with a 2600 power supply.
As an added bonus, the guy threw in a pair of Atari 2600 paddles free. Now I can finally play 4 player Warlords!(I kept the paddles)

I also wanted to add some supercharger pix here

Please excuse the terrible quality of these pictures, as soon as I get my digital camera, I will post better ones.(Update: Supercharger Games Sold!)

Above you can barely make out part of my wonderful collection
Upper left is my Atari 2600, with Starpath SuperCharger plugged in.
Upper right is Sony PS1, which I guess would be a "New Classic"
Bottom left, barely visible is my Atari 5200 Supersystem, sans silver plate
It fell off due to poor gluing by the manufacturer :P
and Bottom Right, is the NES/Famicon system.

Thius picture is just an assortment of games, some NIB, some not so new, but all in working order.

And here's a couple of pics of old Atari Memorabilia, first is my Rare Atari Hockey jersey...