Friday, March 19, 2010

A Time To Kill... some invaders

Space Invaders is Alive :D
After installing a replacement power supply and the Braze multikit, it is now working...
See my SI page for video... now to clean up the cab...
Did a little more work on the website, and a little more on the gameroom. I just need to go pick up a new entry door so I can finish the drywalling, and get the mud,taping and painting done...
What color should I paint? Suggestions are now being accepted. I do have some mustard yellow left over from my Burgertime resto... I can't see the whole room being that color though... maybe some accents though :D
St Louis Auction in 2 weeks.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New addition

Going to pick up a Space Invaders project tomorrow... down in St Louis, which means... WHITE CASTLES! Mmmmmm time to pick up a crave case...
Got a decent deal on it, pics look good, but who knows what it really looks like in person. I figure for what I paid, worst case scenario, I can part it out (if it's reaally bad, and get what I paid for it back (and maybe enough to cover the gas and sliders)... Seller is throwing in two spare board sets.
couple pics...

monitor issues:

All in all it looks like it could be a good deal. I'll try to put up more pics tomorrow night (and update the main website)

Apparently the Milwaukee auction was a bust... hoping that the Belleville auction doesn't suffer the same fate (well at least there's brewmania if it is...)

Hope to have some update pics of the game room online soon... still working out there when I can (when it ain't colder than the proverbial thaumaturgic mammary in a form-fitting bodice of metal)

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Website Maintenance

Just made some minor updates to the website, nothing huge, but there may be a few broken links and the like... I also moved the Blog page from the blogspot server to my homepage, so you may get a "redirect" page if you try accessing from the old page.
On another web related note, I was able to get most of my stuff off of the old Geocities site before they closed it... I had no idea how much stuff I had up there and just linked to it from the new page, until they closed it and all of those photos and pages went bye-bye... so yeah there's a few pictures that I haven't fixed yet, I mean it's only been 3 months since Geocities closed, you didn't really expect me to fix it that quickly did you?
I also embedded some YouTube videos of some of my games on their relevant pages, and more will be forthcoming.
SuperAuctions looks like they may only have two dates in St Louis/Belleville this year, April 3 and August 7th, unless they are planning on having a date in Collinsville later in the year as they have done in the past.

A brief non-arcade, but classic gaming related news item, Atari is re-releasing the "Flashback 2" console in February for $29.99 Preorders are being taken now and come with a free Atari 2600 T-Shirt. More Details here:
Lastly, it's cold and snowy here, so I wouldn't expect any updates on the gameroom or any projects for a few months. Winter in Central Illinois sucks (though probably not nearly as bad as say Minnesota)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No real updates, progress on the gameroom

Well, with fall (winter) setting in, we've lucked out and had a couple of relatively mild weekends the past few weeks, so I was able to get the rest of the insulation installed on the walls, and get the ceiling done and insulated. I'll be posting pics on my ArcadeCrusade page soon. Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I got some keychains made up from KLOV and poster OldTymeToys, you can read all about that here there are also pics of the keychains up on my ArcadeCrusade page...
Even though all of my projects are currently on hold, I have done a little work to the jukebox, and I'm waiting for a copy of the manual to arrive to work on the CD player. Still hope to get that working soon.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Auction Results posted, misc crap, more posts coming

Well the 10/10 Belleville auction results are up in the results page, and while it was still a relatively crappy auction, it was an improvement over the last one... so I think I'll still keep going as long as they continue to get better and not worse... This one even had a bit of a "dead row" which is a bargain hunters dream IMHO....
Anyhow, came close to picking up a few things to get outbid at the last minute again, however I did win another jukebox, bringing my juke total to 3... Why buy another juke? Well there's 2 reasons really... First, it was the box I originally wanted to get, the one that plays both CD's and 45's (100 "45's" + a 6 cd changer) AMI Rowe R-92+cd. the second reason is that I picked it up almost full (80 out of the 100 records) mostly working and for the price of $20.
Pics here
I got it home, and the 6 disc player wasn't working, but I just happen to have another 6 disk that was virtually the same model as the one in the unit, so I swapped them out. Now I have a working cd player that the juke controls, but I'm not getting any sound from it, so let the troubleshooting begin. Other than a few adjustments to the tone arm and probably a new needle, the record part seems to work OK... I am concerned with getting no audio from the CD changer, hoping there isn't any amp issues, I will be ordering the manual soon.

In other news, I did throw a 48-1 board in that old Galaxy Games multi... just have a few more things to do to it (new glass art, a couple of cam locks), and to get some real cpo material (threw on some crappy contact paper material I had laying around for the time being) before I'll call it done, but it's getting pretty close. Pics of that project here

Also building a 60-1 with trackball upright, that I'll probably sell. They still seem to be bringing in a decent amount of money so maybe it will help fund some projects that have been on the back burner for a while...

Gameroom construction is slow but steady, hopefully I'll be able to start making progress on it soon as I would still like to get it done this year... It's already cold out though so any thoughts of having nice fall weather to work on it are shot to hell...

That's all I have for now, sorry for the lack of updates lately.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Pics of the Galaxy Multigame

Here's some pics of the Galaxy Multi that I got at the last auction

As you can see I already rotated the monitor so it is oriented vertically rather than horizontal, as I just didn't think I would have any luck finding the original boards for this thing, nor could I think of any good horizontal games I could put in it. I'm thinking a 48-1, replacing the trackballs with joys. Of course I could rig up some sort of Mame setup for trackball/spinner games, like a multipede/arkanoid/whatever, but probably won't.
Hopefully nobody will give me any flack for throwing a 48-1 in this as it sure isn't a classic...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Belleville Auction

Eh. I posted results on the auction page. Couple of comments on the auction. It sure isn't the same without J.R. Not that the other guy is bad or anything, it's just that JR had a personality that was notorious. Oh well. Auction was pretty crappy anyway, nothing there that I really wanted except a fairly nice Suzuku 8 Hrs with 2 working bikes and monitors. Got outbid on it right before he called it for me, and it ended up going higher than I wanted to pay... I did get a 19in cocktail cab Galaxy Games, some goofy bar system, no boards, but 2 happ trackballs. Prolly 48-1 it :D
Basically I'm going to give the auction one more shot, The October one I will be going there with family, to do other stuff as well as go to the auction. Realistically if it's total crap, I can't afford to keep driving the 2.5 hrs each way for some bullsh!t... That may end up being the last one for me.
I hear the Milwaukee ones aren't that bad, maybe I'll give that one a shot...