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Gone but not forgotten:

Apple Computer
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05/03/2004: OK I must be getting really bored, I suppose not having the money to actually do anything with this kind of plays into it. So I decided to have a looksey under all that black paint, and see what the artwork looked like underneath. *Backstory* When I got the cab, it was a lightweight, excellent physical condition cabinet, stripped to the bone, with an awful bad black spraypaint job on the outside, with some of the original art bleeding through, and a few really bad (and I mean REALLY BAD) inkjet print MK Stickers on it (so bad that the stickers were out of focus!). I thought "Perfect! That's the one I'll make the MAME cab out of!" I figured at some point, I would sand off all the spraypaint (cringe!), and repaint it with a nice deep glossy black, and put some awesome side art on it :)*end backstory*
Of course time goes on, and I finish the work, decide to do more work, etc, etc. All the while, my curiosity builds, What the hell is under there? Can I get the paint off? Without damaging what is below? Does God Exist? Why did someone invent Liquid soap? My mind was abuzz. So this past weekend, I had time to kill, nothing to do, so I got a can of Oops! paint and stain remover, and went to work. Lo and behold, after going through a can of it on one side, and some of the other, Not only is the sideart still there, but in pretty good shape as well. I took some pictures, and I'm not nearly done yet, so when it's all over I'll post the before and after pix here. One last note, Is it just me or is the Kickman art some of the worst you've ever seen?

Update 01/20/2004: Control panel is almost done, Trackball has been put into the Control panel, and works freaking great. However, as is always the case with these things, One Step Forward, two steps back, Now the PC I was running no longer works. I mean it just stopped, no beep codes, no boot screen, nothing. I have no idea what happened, but maybe it's a good excuse to UPGRADE :) As you can see from the pictures, I got the Coin Door installed, well at least a temporary one. It needs desperately to be painted. Hopefully I'll be gaming again really soon. I did add 2 more buttons to the Control Panel, one for escape, and one for Shazaam! Key. I wired up button 6 on the Control panel to be the left mouse button as well. Life will be great when I get something to plug this all into. But in the meantime I have many projects waiting in the wings...

Well I guess I couldn't leave well enough alone, and the mame cabinet has been stripped back down to it's shell. As soon as I get a new printer cartridge I will print out the Mame Marquee. I'm working on incorporating the Trackball into a new control panel with both Tab and Escape keys. Hopefully I can finish that soon. I got a new video card for the computer too. I replaced the coax cable which I hope will fix the waviness issues. Coin door is still in process. Hopefully I'll find some time this weekend to get it all put back together. Updated Pix Coming soon

Everything's up and working good now, I'm getting some waviness on the TV screen that is really annoying, I believe its a vid card issue. Once I figure out what is causing it, I'll fix it. Got a coin door that I'm making some modifications to, so I can temporarily use it until I can afford a new one. Hopefully, weather permitting, I'm gonna do some CP work, make a better panel for the cab with the trackball installed.

Mame Cab:

20" TV/Monitor, or some display device Installed 6/15
Coin Door/Mechs- Temporary solution :)
Marquee- Working on it, hopefully soon.
Vid Card/Computer-Rec'd 6/13 although I might upgrade.
Really thinking of getting a VGA to TV Box.
Control Panel- Finished 1/20 No further upgrades planned
Keyboard Encoder-Installed KeyWiz encoder
Repaint Cab sides
Side Art- Looking for ideas...