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Competed projects- Summer of Repair/Fall of Fixing
Build Test Rig for boards- Mostly Completed Nov 2016 (will add more bells and whistles as time goes on)
Fix Centuri Eagle Boardset- Completed Nov 2016
Gyruss: High Score Save kit install- Completed Nov 2016
Ice Cold Beer: Ball sticking issue (re-leveled game)- Completed Nov 2016
Ice Cold Beer: Scoreboard Missing 2nd digit in score field (bad connection on edge connector)- Completed Nov 2016
Install new (sub)floor - Completed Nov 2016 (still need to decide on flooring)
Tron: install sound amp, obtain and install spinner and wiring harness for CP- Completed Nov 2016
Tron: Install and test boardset, Power Supply- Completed Oct 2016
Burgertime: Monitor Horizontal Hold issue- Completed Oct 2016
Ms. Pac Man: Install Monitor, install 96-1 kit, Cap Kit, Leg Levelers, Install New CPO - completed Oct 2016
Ice Cold Beer: Belt Replacement/Replace Plug/Install new leg levelers- Completed Oct 2016
Gyruss: Cap Kit- completed Oct 2016
Phoenix Cosmetic Repairs: Replace Marquee- Completed August 2016
Replace Leg Levelers where needed- Completed July 2016
Phoenix: Monitor Horizontal Hold issue- Fixed June 2016
Multi- Williams: Finish cabinet work- Cab work completed, painted and sideart installed June 2016
Burgertime: replace lower marquee bracket Completed May 2016
Finish trim on Windows in Gameroom- Completed April 2016
Blitz 99: board swap and upgrade- Completed April 2016
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