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Summer of Repair 2016
Fall of Fixing 2016-In Progress
Updated Nov 10th
We're making a valiant effort here but time is not on our side...
Will try to wrap up as much as possible before winter inevitably rears it's ugly head.
Some projects will likely have to wait until Spring, I think Thanksgiving weekend will be the end.
Complete "What's Going On Here" Project: Need to design CPO and Marquee- In Progress
Lethal Enforcers: Monitor blowing fuse (HOT is bad, Flyback? Probably) chassis rebuild once parts are ordered.
Gyruss: High Score Save kit install (waiting for sockets)
Burgertime: High Score Save Kit Install (waiting for sockets)
Finish 48-1 Cocktail rebuild- Installed monitor, need to clean and rewire
Fix 60-1 Trackball Issue
Competed projects
Ice Cold Beer: Ball sticking issue (re-leveled game)- Completed Nov 2016
Ice Cold Beer: Scoreboard Missing 2nd digit in score field (bad connection on edge connector)- Completed Nov 2016
Install new (sub)floor - Completed Nov 2016 (still need to decide on flooring)
Tron: install sound amp, obtain and install spinner and wiring harness for CP- Completed Nov 2016
Tron: Install and test boardset, Power Supply- Completed Oct 2016
Burgertime: Monitor Horizontal Hold issue- Completed Oct 2016
Ms. Pac Man: Install Monitor, install 96-1 kit, Cap Kit, Leg Levelers, Install New CPO - completed Oct 2016
Ice Cold Beer: Belt Replacement/Replace Plug/Install new leg levelers- Completed Oct 2016
Gyruss: Cap Kit- completed Oct 2016
Phoenix Cosmetic Repairs: Replace Marquee- Completed August 2016
Replace Leg Levelers where needed- Completed July 2016
Phoenix: Monitor Horizontal Hold issue- Fixed June 2016
Multi- Williams: Finish cabinet work- Cab work completed, painted and sideart installed June 2016
Burgertime: replace lower marquee bracket Completed May 2016
Finish trim on Windows in Gameroom- Completed April 2016
Blitz 99: board swap and upgrade- Completed April 2016
Pending (2017?)
Asteroids: vector issue- On Hold (Board Issue)
Tron: Build New Backdoors/fix lights/New T-Molding
Phoenix: Cosmetic Repairs- Sideart, new T Molding, and bondo cab bottom
Pole Position
Tank II
Punch Out!!
Multi Williams: Control Panel conversion, Monitor Repair
Replace roof on Gameroom - Will likely be spring 2017
Repaint/Repair exterior- Spring 2017

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