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Apple Computer
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Here is where I display proudly what little I have accomplished in the past few years toward my goal of the ultimate gaming collection. No, not Dungeons and Dragons gaming, at least not unless it involves a keyboard, or joystick and some poorly pixilated characters. Yes I'm talking about all of those lousy old games that consumed our allowances at the video arcade, or on small black boxes that plugged into a mystical machine known only as the Video Computer System (or if you are a little younger, 2600.)
Yes, I know Its a futile attempt at recapturing my youth. :)

Latest video

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Upcoming Projects/repairs
Updated Jan 13th
Repair 2nd Eagle boardset (parts ordered) Convert to ?
Repair Vanguard Boardset
Repair Time Pilot Boardset, install in Gyruss Cab for Multi
Reassemble Pole Position
Complete "What's Going On Here" Project: Need to design Marquee/bezel- In Progress
Gyruss- Monitor in vert collapse (suspect cold solder)
Lethal Enforcers: Monitor blowing fuse (Cap Kit, VR, HOT and Flyback replaced still blowing F1)- In progress
Asteroids: vector issue- Replaced DAC, no change, ordered OpAmps, now has horizontal collapse
Finish 48-1 Cocktail rebuild- Installed monitor + CPO's, need to clean and rewire
Fix 60-1 Trackball Issue
Pending (2017?)
Tron: Build New Backdoors/fix lights/New T-Molding fix din monitor
Phoenix: Cosmetic Repairs- Sideart, new T Molding, and bondo cab bottom
Tank II- Cosmetics, Fix one joystick, remove freeplay mod?
Punch Out!! (monitors)
Multi Williams: Control Panel conversion, Monitor Repair
Replace roof on Gameroom
Repaint/Repair exterior
Create Centuri Eagle/Phoenix Multigame- Completed Jan 17
Burgertime: High Score Save Kit Install- Completed 12/2016
Fighting Golf: Board Repair- Completed Nov 2016

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