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RedWolf wants to buy your wom...errr...stuff

Updated 4/23/2015
Right now, here are the things on my most wanted list. If you have any of this you would like to sell me, please e-mail me at redwolfjc -at- excite -dot- com. Thanks!

In no Particular Order.

Pac Man Cab (would prefer with coin door and CP) Picked up a Ms Pac... good enough
Magician Lord NEO GEO cart/kit
Multiwilliams Marquee/bezel/cpo
WG79XX WG 49XX Monitor Chassis or Wei Ya replacement chassis (8pin) (have some nonworking chassis for trade + Cash)
Bottom Marquee Bracket for Burgertime/Ms Pac/Galaga, etc. Installed.
19" Vert Orientation Monitor for Phoenix ProjectInstalled 4/2
Side Art For Phoenix Project (may have found this)
Coin Mechs I have enough now.
13" cocktail cabinet monitor
Isolation Transformer
Midway Coin Door for upright cab.
Centuri coin door or parts door for upright cab (need coin chutes)

Working Pole Position/PP II Boardset (LOL)
Centuri (Eagle) cab
Warlords Cocktail (Hey I can dream...)
Plus I'm always up for trades/interesting deals. Don't have much space at the moment though. Email me with details.
I am located in Hopedale, IL, about 150 miles south of Chicago, between Bloomington/Normal and Peoria. Would prefer to deal locally on large items.
More to come...