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Picked up 4/2004 Cost: $0 Cost of restoration (So Far) ~$200 Non Working Burgertime Game - $0
Marquee- $22.00
Cap Kit $11.00 (including Shipping)
HOT- $4.00
Interlock Switch- $4.50
Cam Lock- $2.50
T-Molding- $10.00
Water putty (Cab repair) $5.00
Replacement Tube $0
Switching PS $15
Monitor Bezel- $50 shipped
New CPO- $49
Paint- ~$20
Replaced Tube, Rebuilt Chassis
Installed Switching Power Supply
Installed NOS Marquee
Installed replacement Bezel
Touched up paint/Coin door
Installed new T-Molding
Installed new power cord
Cleaned all broken glass from inside
Installed new cam lock on coin door
*New* Installed CPO 4/7/08
Installed new back door

Photojournal uploaded at:

07 April 2008: Installed CPO, looks pretty good. God I hate doing those. Getting ready to build replacement back door, then I need to touch up some of the paint. Last things I need are 1 mustard color button for the player 2 start, and a new lower marquee bracket. Hope to wrap this one up real soon...

09 Feb 2008: Installed better switching power supply, have a CPO on it's way, should be here sometime next week. Really only 3 things left on this beast before she's good to go
1. New Marquee Bracket
2. Install New CPO (en route)
3. Build or purchase back door
After that and a little more paint touchup, I think I'm going to leave it as it is. It's pretty cool (at least to me) how far it's come, although I never thought it would take this long. I'm adding a summary to the top of this page, and will post a Before and After Pic once the CPO is on.
21 Nov 2007, Has it really been 2+ years since I updated this? Not much has happened, but I did get the replacement monitor Bezel, and replaced the coin door lights. Hopefully it won't take 2 more years to finish this beast...

17 April 2005: Wow, 4 months since an update, and what an eventful 4 months. Let's see, I have rewired the power supply to use a switcher, and fixed the broken corner by the control panel. I still have a few more minor things left to do on this project, but as it sits now, I can relax a little and let these things come as they may. As you can see above, I added a thumbnail gallery to the site, to try and better organize the photos here (and to save a little on bandwidth). I'm working on moving these pages to a new hosting service, but that is yet to come. Anyway, the first thumbnail page is up, and 2 more will follow shortly. What is left to do at this point (in no particular order):
*Touch up the paint
*Replace Monitor bezel with genuine part (I know Good Luck!)
*Replace Back Door
*Replace bottom marquee holder
*Replace coin door lights
And some other Miscellany, nothing too important right now. So that being said, there are probably going to be few updates to this page for a while, at least until my other projects get finished

Here's my original To Do list, Looks like I covered just about everything!
1. Remove remnants of old RCA tube from cabinet($0).
2. Remove all broken glass from cabinet($0)
3. Find and install new RCA tube($?) (19VLTP22) and Cap Kit($5- Bob Roberts) for Chassis. Installed, tested working (after replacing HOT).
4. Reconnect all wiring to chassis($0)
5. Install new power cord ($2-$5)
6. Install new glass monitor overlay, and bezel($60-100 range if I can even find one?) Done and done $50 :)
7. Install new Marquee($20?) and light($5)From
8. Test and fix anything that doesn't work.
9. Cabinet repair, replace T-Molding, misc.Well maybe not the misc, but we're getting there.

Total (updated) costs of this project so far:
Non Working Burgertime Game - $0
Marquee- $22.00
Cap Kit $11.00 (including Shipping)
HOT- $4.00
Interlock Switch- $4.50
Cam Lock- $2.50
T-Molding- $10.00
Water putty (Cab repair) $5.00
Replacement Tube $0
Switching PS $25
Black Paint- $5.00
Total Cost (As of 4/17) $64.00
Of course if you factor in the 40 bucks in gas to pick the thing up, and bring it home, and the fact that on the return trip the alternator went out in my Dad's truck, the cost goes a little higher. I suppose the alternator wasn't my expense, but the gas was, so that puts it a little over 100 bones. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

09 Jan 2005: Well, I can safely say that this project has come so far in such a short period of time, it's unbelievable, considering how long everything sat. I have now come even closer to completion with the addition of a NOS marquee, as well as my own "homemade" monitor bezel. Yes I'm still looking for a nice or NOS bezel, but since I've been looking for so long, I got tired of waiting, and took maters into my own hands. Hopefully soon, I can complete this project, and enjoy having a nice Burgertime in my home. That being said, here is what I need to do to complete the project, in order of importance:
1. Install Switching PS, or replacement PS board for that "original" feel.
2. Repair small Damage on corner (Right side near CP)
3. Purchase and Install new CPO
4. Install New T-Molding
5. Touchup of side art where flaking, probably not necessary, but I may do it.
6. New Monitor Bezel, (or make a better one)
7. Replace Backdoor.
8. Replace Coin Door lights.
I'm on a roll now so hopefully more updates soon. Hopefully I'll have some progress to report on the Phoenix project as well.

18 Dec 2004: IT IS ALIVE!!!!!
So rather than sit idly by and wait for another 2 months, I decided to try to get this running last night, and with the help of an old PC power supply, It is now running. Now at least I know the board is OK! Apparently the voltages the old troublesome power supply was putting out just wasn't enough. So I did the temp fix and now I await the brand spanking new switching PS which is on it's way so I can make the fix permanent. So my wife comes downstairs right after I get the thing running and proceeds to SCHOOL MY PUNK ASS at the game, but oh well, I was never very good at it anyway, and I think she kind of likes it now, so it'll probably stay with us. I think she got the 2nd high score and I ended up 4th. But OOPS! I "forgot" to take a picture of the score table in my excitement of getting the thing running, and I turned it off, thus erasing the accomplishment(maybe that'll help justify ordering the Hi Score Save Kit:). I did score a meager 7550 (note the JC!! initials) today, when I took the photo above, but my son was "helping" with that game (translation: he kept pushing the pepper button and bumping the joystick) (Updated with some better scores) Ah well, at least I can bust out a few games of BT now. As seen in the picture, there is a color issue with the monitor, I'm going to try to get a manual degaussing coil to see if that fixes it, but I'm not really that concerned with it yet. More pictures are up at the Arcade Crusade page. Click Here to go to that page.

17 Dec 2004: I can't believe it's been another (almost) two months since I've last updated this. Unlike the last update, however, I have gotten quite a bit accomplished, although the unit is still no worky. The monitor, however, Is ALIVE! (works too, although the image is mirrored tested on my phoenix). Since BT uses no mirror, a yoke wire swap should solve the issue, not going to worry about that now, as I have located a good condition WG 19K 4901 for about 50 bucks shipped (once i send the 50 the monitor is MINE!). The board set still shows no sign of life although I am getting good power to the board. Checked all of the connections and such, but still no worky. Time to find the ol logic probe and see if there's any life there. I'm also going to try it on another PS just to make sure the board is getting the right amount of juice (damn analog multimeters never read right). In other news, my backdoor safety switch is now fully functional (boy did that sound naughty). Still looking for a new CP overlay and marquee, and the Monitor bezel (no I'm not going to pay over 100 bucks for a scratched up POS (bunch of savages in this hobby), I'll just retrofit glass from a ms pac or something before I do that, or buy some plexi.) So although the boat is slow, we're gonna eventually make it to port. Me likey good news for a change :) Pics to come.

29 Oct 2004: Another Two months have gone by, man how time flies. With another addition to my family, as well as one subtraction, life has kept me pretty busy (and yes I mean real people, not games!) I did, however, manage to find some time to install a cap kit to the non working monitor, but alas I did not take pictures. I was pretty suprised as to how easy it turned out to be (although I havent tested it yet so maybe thats a little premature) I also replaced the HOT, and wired it all back up, just haven't had the chance to juice it up yet. So how did I manage to find the time to do all that work, and not have time to plug the damn thing in? Well the story goes something like this... Saturday night, while waiting for the playoffs to end (my wife is a HUGE Cards fan, which is ok since I'm a ChiSox fan as opposed to BoSox (side note Chisox last won the WS in 1917, BoSox last in 1918, which are both much better than the Cubs 1908, curses? what curses? Addendum Oct 05 Make that 2005 for the White Sox YAY!) and I suppose being a ChiSox fan makes me a Cards fan by default due to the Cubs Cards rivalry) I sneak down to the basement to work on the chassis, adding the new HOT and putting the cap kit in. The wife calls down to the basement saying the game is over and to come upstairs and watch the movie (another one of those great married life compromises: Jersey Girl, an ok romantic movie by the king of dick and fart jokes Kevin Smith) Have I bored you yet? So upon the completion of the cap kit, I drudge my way upstairs to a few hours of a semi funny movie. Upon the completion of the movie which included to my wife's dismay (reasons to be obvious soon)the death of a character in childbirth as a result of an aneuryism (SP?), the wife retired to bed, and I returned for a 1 am wrapup and reassembly. after getting everything back together by about 1:30 am, I decided to go to bed and test it out in the morning, due to my fatigue, and knowing that I wasn't going to be getting much sleep coming up (again reason coming soon). Plus I figured I could double check all of the caps, and make sure I wired everything up correctly in the morning. Alas it was not meant to be, as my wife woke me up at 4:30 am saying that she was going into labor (it all makes sense now). At 8:10 Alexander was born, bringing my family total up to 4 people, 2 goldfish, and 4 arcade machines :) Anyhoo, I'm hoping for a few hours this weekend to be able to plug it in and see what happens, and hope nothing blows up! Another post to follow!

20 Aug 2004: I got my Multimeter out and did a quick test of the HOT, and found it was bad, so when I get the chance I'll replace it. Here's one location that had the part for $4.00 + Shipping. Click HERE Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on a new monitor in the next few weeks so I can do more testing of the machine. maybe if the boards are bad I'll make a Multi-Burgertime or Multi-Midway machine out of it (I'm thinking Pac,MS Pac, BT, Galaga, Galaxian, etc.) Who knows, but at this point, everything I have in the "laboratory" is dead or only partially working.

23 July 2004: Guess what? It's not alive, at least not in any form that i can tell. got everything hooked up and gave her the juice, and NOTHING! No beep, chirp, picture, neck glow, nothing. Well... Found out the back door switch was bad, so a quick bypass, and.... NOTHING! Well almost nothing, the power supply hums, the speaker has static, the volume control makes the static louder and softer (not bad static, kinda like speaker hum), no neck glow, no picture, no chirps, beeps, burgers being made. After a little troubleshooting, I find out that the fuse on the monitor popped, meaning bad HOT? bad Flyback? bad fuse? who the hell knows. When I got this thing, I originally was going to strip all the parts off and put them up on eBay, since I don't really even like the game. Once i got it home, I figured since the cab looks so cool that i would keep it, restore, and maybe sell it, maybe hang onto it for my gameroom. I'm starting to second guess that decision. Sometimes you wonder whether it's all worth it...

Alright that may be premature, but the new tube is in and hooked up, now all thats left is to plug her in and see what the ol cap kit from Bob Roberts just in case, so hopefully we'll have a good pic. I did NOT swap the yoke, since the ohm readings seemed to be close enough, but we'll see what happens. (I'm not sure if the existing yoke is even functional.) I just have a few more things to check off on my list before givin her the juice, so hopefully I'll have good news in the coming days. I must admit that discharging the tube was rather frightening even though I knew the sucker was old, and probably didn't have a charge left in it. I let it sit for 2 weeks anyway. And with drips of sweat developing on my brow, I stuck the tip of the screwdriver under the anode and began to poke around..... nothing, no zap, no charge, just a little ping as the anode clips popped out. This makes me very happy, although I repeat the procedure again just to be sure, as well as before I attach the anode from the 4906 Chassis. You're damn right I don't want to get zapped. Unfortunately no pictures of this, it really didn't occur to me at the time, I was more concerned with dying :) or at least getting a bad jolt. Whats done is done, and I hope to have pictures of my nice but not minty fresh Free Burgertime up and running soon. Still waiting to get the funding to replace the nonexistant glass bezel(if I can find one) and marquee to finish it off, maybe get a new CPO, if I can find one. As the Starleague says, "VICTORY OR DEATH!"
29 April 2004: A much more extensive photogallery of this machine as well as my other projects will soon be availible at (Moved To Arcade Crusade.) For some reason the bandwidth slaves at Geosh!tties have deemed that I have too much stuff here, hence the reason I broke this page off from my main page. It seems like almost every day I'm getting over bandwidth messages, and considering I'm not getting the hits to back that up, I'm not sure where they get that from. Ahh well...

26 April 2004: Of course I can never leave well enough alone, so instead of sitting and waiting around for a new tube to come, I figured I'd get some work out of the way. I cannot believe how much broken glass was in the bottom of this thing. I took a picture of it, after I was already half way done cleaning it out. So Imagine as you look at the photo, to more than double the amount that was there, since I had already cleaned a bunch out, as well as a lot of it falling out on the trip home. But, as you can see in the after photo, the glass is all gone.
Note Photos relocated in thumbnail gallery

Upon a closer inspection, I noticed that a really bad paint job hid some secrets about the coin door, so after some careful cleaning, and scraping with my fingernail, I found the true glory hidden underneath. Now, if I can only figure out how to sandblast the door to get all of the rust and paint off, without damaging the original midway tag, I'll be a happy camper:)
Note, pictures moved to thumbnail gallery

9 April 2004: I finally got all of the remnants of the tube out of the game. I never knew that the glass in the tube was so thick, no wonder those turkeys are so freaking heavy. So now until I acquire a nice RCA 19VLTP22 tube + yoke and convergence rings (hint-hint) I will be in limbo....Click Here to see some more photos of the project.

18 April 2004: Suprise, Here's your free Burgertime, needs a little work (wink, wink). As you may have figured out, I wasn't expecting this, but oh well, you gotta take what you can get. My only regret is I didn't take any pictures of me picking it up or moving it in, but I was a little busy trying to get the whole thing done by myself. A special Thanks goes out to my dad, who kindly allowed me to borrow his truck for the weekend, and I kindly returned it to him with a blown alternator. Well, I don't feel too bad about it cause it wasn't my fault, and I had to hoof it two and a half miles just to find a phone, when the freakin thing died on the highway. Grrrr. something tells me that he isn't going to let me borrow the truck anymore, even though it wasn't my fault. Ah well, alls well that ends well, the trucks getting fixed, the BT is in my basement. :) So here's the situation: Good condition original dedicated Burgertime, some flaking of the paint, a few dings, but cabinet in overall good condition, and all bad spots are repairable. Complete boardset, powersupply, coin door. Now for the fun part. Someone decided to throw a cinder block through the monitor! Why they did this, I don't know. They not only broke the monitor, but the bezel, and glass overlay as well. And for good measure they broke the marquee. The monitor chassis (WG 4906) seems to be complete and intact, of course who knows what kind of trauma it has withstood. And the power cord of course has been cut. So here's a short "To Do" list:

1. Remove remnants of old RCA tube from cabinet($0).
2. Remove all broken glass from cabinet($0)
3. Find and install new RCA tube($?) (19VLTP22) and Cap Kit($5- Bob Roberts) for Chassis. Installed, not tested.
4. Reconnect all wiring to chassis($0)
5. Install new power cord ($2-$5)
6. Install new glass monitor overlay, and bezel($60-100 range if I can even find one?)
7. Install new Marquee($20?) and light($5)
8. Test and fix anything that doesn't work.
9. Cabinet repair, replace T-Molding, misc.