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11/11/2008- No updates in a long time, but we're closer to finishing this one. Swapped out the horizontal rigged up WG72xx for a nice freshly capped vertical WG49XX, fits perfect, and works great. Still needed at this point is a monitor surround, fix or replace coin door and new side art. Looking to get a Pleiades board as well to swap in this machine...

04/17/2005- After shelling out 40 bones to one of my neighbors who now works for an op, a pair of monitor boxes appeared at my front door. One contained a nice no burnin working WG 19K7203 the other a partially working WG 19K7901. Well with a little effort I threw in the 7203 into phoenix and with a little tweaking of the sync, voila! I have a picture! And my theory on the boardset was confirmed- Fully working, no graphic glitches that I can tell. Yee haw. Now with just a little more work I can put this bad dog to bed too :) Oh yeah, I added a few pics above.

09/16/2004- After some more tinkering, I hooked up the video to my computer monitor, (of course the refresh rate is all wrong) and It's showing video! I can't tell due to using the monitor how good the video is, but at least it's another good sign. Hopefully I will get the TV card from soon, and we'll see just what the video looks like(plus I can wire up the BT too!)

07/23/2004- Being poor sucks! Obviously I haven't had any updates in a while, but I was messing around with the Phoenix, and found out that it PLAYS BLIND! of course I have no monitor, so the sprites could be all askew, or no picture could even appear, but at least it's one good sign in a dismal abyss of bad news! Hopefully when things get a little better around here I'll have something positive to say.

05/24/2004- My initial testing shows that my boardset is at least somewhat "functional" obviously I cannot test to see what is happening without a monitor, but at least I get the reset "chirp" at startup, which I understand is a good sign. I got a couple of mechs ready and waiting, but I'm still not sure if I can get the coin inserts or not. I have a lead on a coin door, it's an "Over/Under" type, but if I can't get the parts i need off of it, I'll sell it on eBay to raise the funds for the parts I need. I have a few leads on Monitors too, but have yet to have any luck. Hopefully soon, then some playtesting, and a big ol for sale sign gets put on it. Not that I have anything against this game, I just have learned a lot already, and want to "broaden my horizons", Ultimately I hope this becomes a self sufficient hobby, or at least I get back 80% of what I put into it (money of course, not labor).

04/06/2004- Wiring of the harness is completed, and once the monitor is installed, I can test the system. The only thing left to buy is the coin door inserts, the coin mechs, the side art, Monitor, and bezel, and plexi cover. Hopefully with another $200 or so I can get ths thing up and running. Money is just something that I havent got right now, like most people, so again this sits on the back burner until a deal comes along thats so good I can't pass it up...

2/25/2004- CPO did finally arrive, many thanks to who went above and beyond the call of duty to get a replacement to me. Overlay looks great IMHO, and with everything else falling into place, hopefully I can find me a good used monitor for cheap! Well probably not, but the only thing I have left to do on the list is buy and install the monitor, and the side art. I'm working on the rewiring of the harness, which makes me a little nervous, but I think it will all go well, once I double, triple, quadruple check everything. Oh yeah, I have to get the monitor plexi cover too. Once I finish with this, I think I'll play around with it and then try to sell it, and move on to a new project. But lets get it done first. :)

1/20/04- CPO Still hasn't arrived, and I'm getting nervous{Grumble}Got the PCB Boards, however, whoever hacked the hell out of the wiring harness, must've replaced the edge connector, so the net result is, what I thought would fit does not. HRRMPH! Apparently I need to see if I can find agood edge connector or a new wiring harnedd for a Phoenix Game. T-Molding is now installed, and looks OK, but I may buy the offset Centuri T-molding from Still waiting for the funding and opportunity to get a monitor for the damn thing, and to finally be able to blow some birds out of the sky.

Updated Pics above for your enjoyment

01/07/04- Ordered new CPO, CP has been sandblasted and looks great. T-Molding is done, and looks pretty good. I have the boardset coming to me within the next week or so. Still hoping for a windfall to get the sideart. New Pix Coming soon

12/08/03- Removed CP to get sandblasted. Probably going to get it done this weekend. Hopefully I can get the CPO sometime soon, even though money is tight. Installed T-molding on machine, but I got the wrong size, I may reorder from or I might just use what I got. It looks fine with the molding that I got, it's just that Centuri used an offset molding. Maybe I'll replace it sometime. It looks fine now. There's only about a 1/8 inch gap on one side.

Got a bid in on the boardset, but it's probably gonna go for way more than I can afford. {SIGH} 25 bucks for the CPO, and 59.95 for the sideart. Lord only knows how much the monitor is gonna be:)

Parts needed- initial list, as I dig deeper, I know I'll need more.


PCB boardset-rec'd 01/20 :)
Rewiring harness: Complete
Control Panel - Installed 5/19
Control Panel Overlay (CPO)- replaced, completed 2/10
Before installing the CPO, I'm going to have the CP sandblasted, since it's so rusty. DONE
T Molding.Installed 12/06
19" Monitor.
Coin Mechs.
Side Art.-$59.99 Ebay sometime soon
Marquee- Rec'd 5/30/03 Installed